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55 Little W 12th St
New York, NY10014
(212) 675-6686

Overall: Not sure what the lower rating is about, but Brass Monkey is a fun place to grab drinks with friends. The good: Our crew was here during an intenese snowstorm, so we hunkered down for 5 hours and enjoyed every minute. The beers are well-varied and priced decent enough and the cocktails were strong. The atmosphere is low-lit and cozy, which fit the vibe for the storm perfectly. We also got guac, which was well-portioned and did the job. The not-so-good: Not much, the music was a tad off at times but that's about it. Atmosphere: 8/10 Service: 8/10 Food: 8/10

This is your average bar that for some reason tries to be super classy on the weekends (Friday night too). No baseball caps allowed! I ordered a $10 well rum and coke that was 95% coke. A person I was with also had this same issue with their drink so it was not an isolated incident. We then got a round of shots that were also $10 each. But at least they weren't watered down! The interior is quite nice with 3 different levels and I wanted so bad to like this place. Oh and they also have security guards walking around shining flashlights everywhere. The whole time I was just very put off by the vibe. Don't go because the drinks are watery, don't go because the security guards are obvi power hungry, and don't go because they try to be classy and they aren't. Go to the beer garden close by instead.

Absolutely disappointed with my experience today. Bouncer on duty was absolutely disrespectful when checking IDs - this included reading an ID out of a member of our party's hand causing the ID to slice her finger. I went to politely speak with manager because as a business owner I would want to know if my employees were acting in this manner toward my customers. She was immediately defensive and absolutely nasty. Most notably, she lacked proper customer service and management skills. I am unsure if this is her natural attitude or due to a lack of training. I sincerely hope upper management Has access to audio and visual recordings of the exterior and immediate interior, so they may use this as a training tool going forward.

I definitely didn't think I'd like this being that this type of crowd annoys me; but it was cool The staff from the door to the bartenders to the servers to the bidders were very quick and we ordered a nice tomato basil flatbread and wings to go The DJ played Depeche Mode- I was happy There was 3 floors including a rooftop table section It was a good night here. Will return

Brass monkey only loses a star because it's always so extremely crowded. But it's crowded because it's the only "normal" bar in the Meatpacking. There's no theme or overpriced drinks. Just a cool spot. Cool NYC scene vs tourists

This is a fun bar in the Meatpacking district! We came here after dinner on a Saturday night and got right in around 10 pm. However, the line was down the street by the time we left after midnight. There is lots of space, including an upstairs bar. Great music and great drinks! You will not regret coming here with a group of friends.

I've always wanted to go to Brass Monkey. After a disappointing experience at another place close-by, I finally went. This is a winter review though. Stop by Brass Monkey after a disappointing experience at another place. I needed a beer. I needed food. We go in and are immediately seated. Staff is friendly and attentive. We talk towards the back and are provided a pleasant walk through the nearly all wood decor. This place really gives you the beer hall feel. You'll notice that patrons come from all sorts of places. You've got couples, groups of guys, groups of girls, and small families all in one place. A football game plays in the background behind the bar and tons of Christmas tree balls hang from the ceiling. We order a couple of beers and some food. I order a BLT. Everything comes swiftly. The reason we left the other place is because the food NEVER came. Brass Monkey is putting a priority on making sure you're fed. Staff came by and checked on us several times to make sure we had everything we needed and to make sure we were happy. Maybe cause they wanted the table? I don't know, but they were great and I appreciated it. The amount of food we got was great and I'd have taken home half of my BLT if I wasn't such a fat slob =) Brass Monkey seems like a great place to go chill if you wanna see a game, if you wanna relax with some friends, or if you just need a quick bite to eat.

The rooftop here can get pretty crowded in the evening. Three stories drinking place. Haven't tried any of the food here to judge. Drinks reasonably priced for the area ($11 for a G n T)'s an okay place to hang, but there are much better venues in the area.

Love this place! I've had a lot of good memories here! Cool spot! And it's on law and order .. not from New York City but live in ny .. always a favorite when I'm in town!

My pregnant friend (on diet cokes), her husband And I went to Brass Monkey for a drink as they were visiting from Europe and staying at the Standard. The group next to us was loud and probably not on their first drink (again, this establishment is known for welcoming train wrecks). It appears the group got asked to leave (oh well it happens)... we tried to order a second round of drinks at around the same time and got told we were cutoff. Apparently talking to the drunks had put us in the dog house also, although it was clear we were a solid decade older than all of them. Good work! When we tried to explain to them we didn't know them, we got told to leave.

Good and very big environment. My only suggestion is better music. A good mix is great but the way the music transitioned was annoying. Not a bad environment to dance. Decent food (4/5) Does however get very crowded. They started to have a line outside for people to come in. Coat check is reason price - $2 Definitely would want to come back but in the summer

Came here last minute as the rooftop bar we were initially planned to visit was closed because of a private event. Surprisingly very easy to get into, though we did arrive right as it opened. The drinks were great. Servers were quick, though not friendliest. I mean, I get it. Lots of people yelling their orders at you as you walk around the rooftop. Not the most chill vibe. Overall a god spot if you're in the West Village. I'd come early just to grab a table.

The bar is right next door to the Standard hotel, so comparing prices & experience, you still can enjoy the rooftop with the view of the Hudson river with decent prices of draft beers. The cocktails & wines were priced a bit high, but typical for the area. The coolest part is if you're a regular, the bartender will knock of some change to show appreciation. I like that small town, neighborhood feel in this big city.

I come to Brass Monkey occasionally, usually when I want a roof in MPD without all of the scene. If you come early (like late afternoon) it's easy to get a table upstairs. If the sunshine isn't your scene, you can sit downstairs... or in the back room, they have an indoor balcony/"upstairs" as well! The drinks and service are just okay. Sometimes the roof is closed for a private party (no warning) so might be worth making backup plans JIC!

We're from Vegas and this was by far the coolest place we visited while on our 4 day work trip, went to BM twice. Stayed at the Standard Highline. Sean, the owner, was amazing and our bartender, Christina, was golden. The vibe is chill- not pretentious, drinks are great and food was on point. We NEED a Brass Monkey in Vegas!!

If I could give this place negative reviews I would. I mean, not once, but TWICE. In ONE NIGHT. They played "Yeah!" By Usher and cut it before Luda's verse. Beyond the basic disrespect, you're literally ruined one of the best rap verses of any song ever. No you aren't ruining it, you're omitting it. It's bad service, it's bad policy, and in a city as cultured as New York, is a slap in the face of hip hop and r&b. Will not be back.

We ordered food and waited 45 minutes for the guy to come back and tell us the kitchen was closed....we even got plates and everything. not a fan.

I came on a Friday night and it was PACKED! The clientele is very young-it seems like 20s. There are 3-4 floors and a rooftop. It's very loud in there, so it's a bit challenging to hold a conversation. The drinks were very well priced-kudos for that! As for someone that said there's a card minimum, I didn't encounter that problem. I was able to put a mere $2 on a card without any evil eyes.

Dear Brass Monkey, I couldn't be more disappointed. My friend had two glasses of wine, and was turned down for being "too intoxicated." She was absolutely sober, and given the men clawing on the windows, who were allowed in, I hardly thought she was one to be turned down. It was rude, humiliating, and unacceptable. Never returning. Heading to the Delancey!

I came with a friend of mine to catch up while she ordered a beer. It was a pleasant experience and we sat for close to an hour just talking. Our waiter was accommodating and we did not feel rushed. It was also only around 4PM and it had a good amount of people. I would say it's a pretty popular spot. The beer was $7 - not too bad. The music is also pretty calming. It's definitely a place worth checking out if you're in the area!

What is the origin of the term 'brass monkey'?

The story goes that cannonballs used to be stored aboard ship in piles, on a brass frame or tray called a 'monkey'. In very cold weather the brass would contract, spilling the cannonballs: hence very cold weather is 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey'. There are several problems with this story, as follows:

  • the term 'monkey' is not otherwise recorded as the name for such an object
  • the rate of contraction of brass in cold temperatures is unlikely to be fast enough to cause the reputed effect
  • the phrase is actually first recorded as 'freeze the tail off a brass monkey', which removes any essential connection with balls.

It therefore seems most likely that the phrase is simply a humorous reference to the fact that metal figures will become very cold to the touch in cold weather.

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