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Best Books for CSS Exam Preparation of Compulsory andOptional Subjects

CSS which is known as Central Superior Services or Bureaucracy which isresponsible for runnin! the civilian bureaucratic operations and!overnment secretariats and directories of the Cabinet secretariat" Civilservices exam is competitive exam which is held every year by #ederalPublic Service Commission" Every year thousands of candidates appear inCSS exams and few of them $ualify" %ou can !et hi!h marks in this examonly with proper e&orts" 'n order to e&ectively prepare for the CSS properstrate!y and timetable is re$uired" %ou have to follow !ood books andstudy material" %ou have to draw a !ood strate!y for the compulsory subjects" (ake yourtime to prepare for En!lish current a&airs and Pakistan a&airs" )ead thenewspapers every day keep in touch with all the current problemspractice essay writin! try to !et more and more knowled!e about yourcountry" (he candidate must be able to know his weaknesses" One shouldreally need to improve his En!lish lan!ua!e skills if want to !et success inany of the competitive examination in life" %ou should have analytical skills in order to solve the CSS examination"*ere ' have tried to !ather as much information as possible about thebooks that should be consultin! durin! your CSS exam preparation" *avea review of the books names mentioned below" (he list includes books forcompulsory subjects and many of the optional subjects"

E+,-'S* ESS.%

/0 Para!raphs 1 Essays 2Prof" 3an4oor 3ir4a5 )S 68090 :o!ar;s <ni$ue -atest Essays 2Prof" 3ohammad .sif =adri5 )S /7>80

E+,-'S* CO3POS'('O+

/0 Precis ?ritin! 2.bdul Basit @asra +aimatullah Ahan @oyia5 )S 8090 . Practical En!lish ,rammar 2." @" (homson ." " 3artinet5 )S 8060 Practical En!lish <sa!e 23ichael Swan5 )S /80D0 En!lish ,rammar 1 Composition 2+awa4 Ahalid 3ohammad Ba$ir*ussain5 )S 9>80>0 En!lish ,rammar 1 Composition 2Shabbir *ussain Chaudhry5 )S 6>800 :ictionary of Synonyms 1 .ntonyms 2Prof" (ari$ .li Ahan5 )S 8070 Oxford 'dioms )S 8F8

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