Assignment Character Sketch Rubric

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An accurate and easy way to teach students to write a character analysis paper, and a simple way to evaluate those papers and assign a fair grade.

This lesson includes instructions for the teacher, instructions for the students, a rubric to grade the papers, and a sample character analysis.

This lesson is aligned with: CCSS.ELA - Literacy.CCRA.L.1 and CCSS.ELA - Literacy.CCRA.L.2

I used this to teach Advanced Placement English and prepare students for the AP Exam.
I hope you and your students enjoy using this. Here's another exercise your students will enjoy.

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Беккер прижал дуло к виску убийцы и осторожно наклонился. Одно движение, и он выстрелит. Но стрелять не понадобилось. Халохот был мертв. Беккер отшвырнул пистолет и без сил опустился на ступеньку.

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