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Inclusive Practice Essay

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Inclusive Practice

Complete a written assignment that will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements and policy relating to inclusion. Critically analyse the issues surrounding Special Educational provision and disability in school.
During the ten years that I have worked in primary education inclusivity has played an increasingly important part when considering how the curriculum can be delivered and how a classroom can be managed to ensure that it is accessed by all children. Experience of working within a primary classroom has shown that the accommodation of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the delivery of inclusive lessons have had a vital part to play when determining classroom…show more content…

The premise of ensuring that the needs of the ‘whole child’ were met was further validated through the creation of the Every Child Matters (ECM) agenda (2003). It had been regarded that inclusion was all too often seen as an issue about special educational needs (Briggs, 2004).
It is important here to clearly distinguish between the terms of integration and inclusion as they are often interchanged (Thompson, 2002). Ainscow (1995) suggests that integration is about making a limited number of additional arrangements for individual pupils with SEN in schools which themselves change little overall, reflecting Warnock’s report. On the other hand, inclusion implies the introduction of a set of changes through which schools restructure themselves so as to be able to embrace all children. Integration involves the school in a process of assimilation where the onus is on the assimilating individual (whether a pupil with SEN or a pupil with a different cultural and linguistic background) to make changes so that they can 'fit in'. By contrast inclusion involves the school in a process of accommodation where the onus is on the school to change, adapting curricula, methods, materials and procedures so that it becomes more responsive. The creation of an inclusive school system certainly appears to harbour numerous challenges including: changing of staff attitudes; restructuring of the physical

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Inclusion: Beyond Special Needs Essay

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Inclusion in education is an approach to educating students with special educational needs; under this model students with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-disabled students. Evidence from the last decade reveals that segregation of special needs students, as opposed to spending time with non-disabled students, is actually damaging to them both academically and socially. Segregating students placed in the special education category is a trend that has been vastly common in public schools, but in the last few years inclusion in general education settings is becoming a more credible option. Placing students in an inclusive classroom is effective in positively adjusting not only their academic performance, but also…show more content…

While small pieces of evidence may defend the difficulty that teachers are having stepping up to the challenge of teaching special needs students, considerable support, along with the successfulness of a substantial amount of teachers, proves that mainstream schools and teachers are effectively overcoming these hurdles. The personal achievement of special needs students increases immensely in many different areas due to inclusion. This achievement is greatly influential on special needs students because of the way this success leads to real world accomplishments as well as academic accomplishments. Placing special education learners in reach of normal, equal opportunity to learn and interact with general education learners who are also working towards real life goals help give sight of the value of these real life situations. These real world situations such as looking for jobs and the learning of life skills are more successful when inclusion has been implemented and students are able to see the outcomes of developmental and constructive goal setting. Developmental goals are not the only ones focused on in the achievement rates of inclusion. “Placement of students with special educational needs in different types of classes constitutes a kind of streaming or ability grouping. Originally, this has been considered

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