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Political Speech (Obama Inaugural Address 20th January 2009)

The inaugural ceremony of the president in United States of America is like a royal ceremony. It is a day filled with events, speeches, oaths and other ceremonies. Moreover this day depicts a new start. A new government having new strategies and new hopes starts to work for the betterment of the society.

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Critique of a Political Speech of Barack Obama

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Barack Obama is a quintessentially American political rhetorician.  Using measured appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos, he shows that he is able to engage any audience.  Drawing upon Christ, the Founding Fathers, Roosevelt, and even King, Obama carries on a long tradition of meaningful political speech.

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Barrack Obama's Speech at Cairo

The event was held at the Major Reception Hall at the University of Cairo, Egypt and was co-hosted by Al-Azhar University. Evidently, the speech was a major follow up of the promises Obama had made during his presidential ambition campaign period. Obama had promised to give major attention to issues that affect the Muslim world, which he was to address from a capital city of an Islamic country during his initial stay at White House.

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I am glad I had the opportunity to come to the United States of America and to be part of the greatest nation on earth. Now I am even prouder. I am so proud of my fellow Americans that trusted you and voted for you to be our President and our Commander-in-Chief.

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He interpreted the political arguments and criticism that he has been receiving during all the years of his first presidency as the necessary parts of the process of establishing democracy in

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The Russian president is determined to make Sochi a great success having spent many rumbles in Olympics in hopes of invigorating Russia picture in the world. Sochi won the bid through

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Barrack Obama

One individual who is a symbol of America, and has made a significant impact in people’s lives is Barack Hussein Obama. He was the first black president, however, his

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Political comparison between president George Bush and president Obama

Similar to President Bush, Obama wanted to protect the immigrants within his administrative power who had lived in the USA for more than five years, but he faced stiff counterargument from the republicans and the senate claiming that he was overturning the constitution and was acting more like an emperor within his stated mandates (Collinson 2014).

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My favorite politician is Hillary Clinton. She is a rare and beautiful example of consistency and reasonableness in decision making. I am really impressed by her ability to face the hard times and hard opponents, as well as strict laconic and restraint style of her wardrobe. I believe her to be one of the most influential politicians in the world and a very likely candidate for the presidency of the United States.

I think that a politician should embody stability and reliability. Someone might argue that extravagant personality and extraordinary actions also have their fans, but, to be frank, those few politicians who are prone to excess rarely achieve truly impressive success in the political arena. From this perspective, Hillary Clinton is an ideal political figure.

When choosing clothes, she always prefers the classics. Most often, we see her in public and official meetings, so the usual “uniform” of Hillary Clinton is a laconic suit. Smooth matte fabric, with no visible weave or excess shine, restrained color, cool beige or gray, straight or slightly fitted cut. If you believe that it is a simple and obvious choice, remember the many sad examples of politicians, both men and women who manage to mess up the most expensive suits with completely inappropriate accessories, lurid decor or a tie with color of the scorching sun.

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Most often we see her in all shades of gray (from light and almost white pearl undyed wool to more saturated colors of graphite). Other colors, obviously being in display – light beige.

Here Hillary Clinton chooses not warm shades of coffee, sandy and milk chocolate, but cold cocoa and dark chocolate. As additional accents Mrs. Clinton prefers burgundy, gray-pink or lilac. Of course, Hillary Clinton is not sinless. Her most common mistake is inappropriate combination of black and white colors. It should be again noted that the combination of a black suit and white shirt looks just old-fashioned and has nothing to do with “Chanel style” and a little black dress. In addition, each person who loves such combinations should bear in mind that such combinations make most women look old, makes them look tired.

Although the traditional English collar and long, narrow lapels are certainly not abandoned by Clinton forever, here we have a perfect example of how, without violating the requirements of etiquette, you can experiment with the elements of a cut and finish.

What else can diversify minimalistic business wardrobe ? Of course, the right jewelry.

Here Hillary Clinton also demonstrates a subtle sense of proportion. Firstly, we have not seen her wearing more than two jewelry. As a rule, Mrs. Clinton chooses brooches – traditional for many women politicians. Sometimes, Hillary Clinton wears earrings. And then, and another is always a simple geometric shape, white gold or platinum, with a splash of pearls or transparent gemstones. As we can see, this is quite enough to give the image of femininity and emphasize the social status.

And the last. Hillary Clinton was not always that way. I had seen her early photos, where she looked like a typical American housewife in the old-fashioned tortoiseshell glasses, with dark curly hair, wearing a sweater with a high neck. These photos – the best proof that beauty – is primarily a man-made work and everyday hard work. So, nothing is impossible, and change – task that depends only on us.

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