New Higher Physics Assignment


To investigate how the brightness of an LED (light-emitting diode) varies with the magnitude of the current running through it

Skills, knowledge and understanding

Marks Available

1. Aims1 mark
2. Applying knowledge and understanding of Physics4 marks
3. Selecting Information2 marks
4. Processing and presenting data/information4 marks
5. Uncertainties1 mark
6. Analysing data/information2 marks
7. Conclusion(s)1 mark
8. Evaluation3 marks
9. Presentation2 marks


20 marks

I know it's early, but I have decided to make a thread to discuss the new CFE Advanced Higher Physics.
I am aware that some school (including mine) sat the old SQA higher. Consequently, some of us have missed some of the vital topics which will enhance our knowledge in the New Advanced Higher. Therefore, it would be nice to discuss these topics in detail before the new qualification is valid after the old Higher Exam.

The Specimen Paper Link (Just came out last month, looks good)

Course Assessment Specification Link: (Although, it says the exam is out of 100 marks in this, the specimen paper is out of 140... Can someone explain why?)

Course Specification Link:

Course/Unit Support Notes Link:

Assessment Overview Link:

Looking good so far!

Discuss below.

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