Cga Mu1 Assignment 3


MU1 Module 1: Test your knowledge

1. Which of the following is included in the elements of scope (nature of work) in the current IIA standards?a. Assessing internal controlsb. Assessing the competence of managementc. Assessing the reliability of the company’s annual financial statementsd. Assessing the extent to which corporate objectives are achieved2. Which of the following is the


description of the purpose of the internal auditor’s review of internal controls for effectiveness?a. To verify that the controls ensure the organization’s risks are contained within thetolerances established by its risk management processesb. To test whether the controls in place are operating efficientlyc. To establish that assets are properly safeguardedd. To verify that financial reports are reliable3. Which of the following represents the

most important 

benefit of an internal auditing departmentto an organization’s management?a. Assurance that published financial statements are accurateb. Assurance that frauds will be detectedc. Assurance that the company is complying with all laws and regulationsd. Assurance that management has reasonable control over operations4. Which of the following is


the scope of internal auditing?a. Assessing the organization’s effectivenessb. Verifying compliance with laws and regulationsc. Safeguarding the organization’s assetsd. Reviewing the processes involved in producing internal financial reports5. Internal auditing is a dynamic profession. Which of the following


describes the scope of internal auditing as it has developed in the last 50 years?a. Internal auditing involves assessing effectiveness and efficiency.b. Internal auditing involves assessing compliance with laws, regulations, policies, andprocedures.c. Internal auditing involves assessing the existence of assets and the means used tosafeguard them.d. The focus of internal audit has shifted over time from a financial focus to more of an operational focus.6. Which type of audit would be conducted in response to a request from the president of acompany that the internal auditors review the purchasing process to assess whether the companywas getting maximum value for its purchasing dollars?a. Compliance auditb. Financial auditc. Operational auditd. Full-scope audit7. The IIA 

Rules of Conduct 

require which of the following combinations of qualities of IIA members

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Introduction: A2FL5S44.3L1 Knight. Gabriel Knight.

Click something in inventory on you A2FL5S51.3L1 I'm already carryin' it.

Universal That Doesn't Work Like That line A10L3A76.PF1 Nope, those don't work together.

A048F332.PF1 (R23 take letter) A0Y83032.PF1 (kitchen note) I don't need to take it with me.

Why? A2FL8S27.AS1 Why would I wanna do that?

Universal Closed line A0HLDL44.411 They're closed.

Universal Sit Down Line A2FL8S27.U61 Not right now, thanks.

Universal No Clue line A2KLVE44.Q81 No clues in there. Universal Nothing In There line (Emilio's Room) A0KL9V20.PF1 There's nothin' in there.

Universal Front Door Detection (Larry) A0QL4K44.3L1 It's the front door.

Universal Window Detection (Larry) A0QL6G44.FZ1 It's a window.

Universal Lock Detection (R25) A1LLAN44.PF1 There's a lock on the door.

Look tire tracks (Armchair) A11LDN44.QR1 There're some tire tracks in the dirt.

Think at dumbwaiter lock (R21) A0A8AN0L.PF1 I guess the lock prevents anyone from comin' in that way.

Think at dumbwaiter lock (R21) A0A8AN0L.PF2 Assuming, of course, that the lock is thrown.

Use binocs in wrong place. A2FL5S2C.X01 It wouldn't do much good to use 'em *here*. I need to go someplace with a view.


A0A89N05.2H1 Yeah. There's a print!

Taking the print: A0A89N05.2H2 Got it!

Fail to find fingerprint lines: A0D8A605.E51 I don't see anything.

A2BJBK59.0B1 Got one!

A2FL3A05.5X1 Nothin'.

A2FL3A05.5X2 I don't see any prints.

A2FL3A05.5X3 Huh-uh.

A2FL3A05.5X4 I don't see anythin'.

A2FL3A05.5X5 No prints.

Listening at nothing... (snooping at cemetery) A0CNEI40.D61 I don't hear anythin'.

What's that? (R29) A0J8DA44.PF1 What's that?

Attempting to take something: (R21) A0A89P32.PF1 I *don't* think I'll be needin' it.

A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Attempting to take something A2FL8S32.QR1 And what exactly would I do with that?

Looking at tourist sign (Homme Mort) A0EL8L44.411 It's a sign about the area.

Out of stuff to say A2FL8S27.U11 I don't have anythin' else to say to her A2FL8S27.U01 I don't have anythin' else to say to him.

A2FL8X51.JE1 I don't wanna show that to her. A2FL8X51.JO1 I don't think I wanna show that to him.

Talking to someone busy: (Emilio @ Poussin's Tomb) A0G6A21B.PF1 He looks preoccupied.

Follow someone while bike is away (Blanchfort) A28FB07W.571 I *would*, but my bike's not here.

Spot Emilio: (Poussin) A0GN5U44.B71 Emilio's here.

Spot Madeline (Coume Sourde) A252C244.PF1 Madeline's here.

Think at fingerprint/license plate A10LTK0L.PF1 I should probably put this in our suspect database.

A10LXW7X.P21 I have to go into SIDNEY and do an ADD DATA if I wanna scan this.

A10LXW7X.PG1 I don't think I need to scan that into SIDNEY.


Look manuscript after regaining it A10J7H44.QR1 Larry has quite a fan base. He sure had enough people dyin' to read this. A1037H58.QR1 I'd rather give it to my speed-readin' partner.

Look manuscript at 2AM A10L7H44.QR1 This must be the book Larry's workin' on. He lied about the topic -- *and* his name.

Check manuscript for fingerprints A10J7H59.BJ1 Not much point in that now. I've got it back. That's what matters.

Look wallet A10L2Y44.PF1 My wallet.

Look bike keys A10L7U44.PF1 Keys to the Harley.

Look Mosely's passport A1099344.MW1 Mosely's passport. Unfortunately, I don't look a thing like him. A1099344.MW2 That is, it's fortunate *most* of the time, but it's less than ideal at the moment. A10L930L.3L1 And some people think *I* give America a bad name. A109934N.CB1 I'd give him more hair, too, but I don't think that would help. A109934N.MW1 That's better! A1099344.CJ1 The moustaches should help disguise the obvious disparity between *his* face and *mine*. A1099344.CJ2 Unfortunately for Mose, thing's aren't quite that simple in real life.

A10L930P.3L1 I don't need to put that *with* the passport.

Think tape A10LD90L.9R1 I wonder if I could get this translated? A10L9444.PF1 It's a tape of Buchelli talkin' on the phone. In *Italian*.

Think Suppuration H A10L620L.PF1 Reduces *swelling*. I wonder if it would work on Mosely's head? A2O86244.PF1 It's a tube of . . . yup, Suppuration H. Great.

Look glass A10L1044.PF1 A water glass.

Fingerprint kit A10LCH0L.PF1 I never took fingerprints before, but I s'pose it couldn't hurt. A1L8CH44.PF1 That's the fingerprint kit Grace ordered. Supposedly she's got it all hooked up to SIDNEY.

A10LT744.PF1 Prince James' callin' card.

A1EGAM44.PF1 It's a black magic marker. A10LT851.PF1 Why would I want to draw on that?

Look notepad A10LT944.PF1 A good writer never goes *anywhere* without his notepad.

Binocs A10LTB0L.PF1 Well ya see, they make things that are far away look real close-like. A10LTB44.PF1 The binocs came with the Harley.

A10LTC44.PF1 Your basic wire hanger. Good thing Joan Crawford ain't around.

Ticket stub A10LTE0L.ID1 Buchelli came here from Rome -- the Vatican, in fact, unless I'm very much mistaken. A10LTE0L.PF1 I wonder if Buchelli has a reason for lyin', or if he's just evasive by nature? A10LTE44.PF1 I found it in Buchelli's room. It's definitely *not* a ticket from Naples.

A10LTF44.PF1 A fake ID. That SIDNEY's kinda useful after all.

Recording A10LTG0L.PF1 Grace has been working on our 'procedure' for cases. She wants us to take fingerprints, use this new program called SIDNEY, and do all this sort of . . . you know . . . 'official' crap. A10LTG0L.PF2 So I don't think I'll record my conversations this time around. But I might be able to find some more . . . creative uses for my tape recorder. A10LTG44.PF1 I went back to my old tape recorder. That dual-mount was a pain to lug around.

A10LTJ44.PF1 Madeline's fingerprint. Nice curves. A10LTK44.PF1 Buchelli's fingerprint. A10LTL44.PF1 Wilkes' fingerprint. Proof that we really are descended from apes. A10LTM44.PF1 Le Grande Dame's fingerprint. A10LTN44.PF1 Estelle's fingerprint. A10LTO44.PF1 It's Larry Chester . . . er . . . Sinclair's fingerprint. A10LWH44.PF1 It's a little souvenir of the Abbé.

Look talisman A10LTP44.PF1 The Schattenjäger talisman. It's kinda like a lucky rabbit's foot, only big and heavy.

A10LTQ44.PF1 My Schattenjäger dagger.

A10LTR44.PF1 The license plate number for Mosely's piece-o-crap. A10LTS44.PF1 It's the license plate number from Buchelli's moped. A10LTT44.PF1 The terrible twosome's license plate number. A10LTU44.PF1 Wilkes' license plate number. A10LTV44.PF1 The plate number from Emilio's rental.

Look costume A10LTX0L.PF1 If anybody sees me in this thing, I'll have to leave town immediately. A10LTX44.PF1 Tacky, touristy, moronic -- it's perfect!

Make outfit A109877B.PF1 Now *that's* a Mosely outfit.

A109A944.PF1 I think that'll pass for a black moustache. But it's not gonna stay on my lip without help -- despite my intense animal magnetism. Add fur to costume before syrup A109183Z.PF1 Hmmm. Possibly. But that fur isn't gonna add a darn thing the way it is.

A1093C44.PF1 It's a black moustache . . . sort of. A1093C0L.PF1 It's crude, but it just might work.

Look hat A1091Q44.PF1 It's the hat from the museum's lost and found. A1091Q44.PF2 I know what you're thinkin', but I *might* need it. Think hat A1091Q0L.PF1 I'm not really a hat person myself. That's more like somethin' Mosely would wear.

A109180L.PF1 The coat's a start, but if I really want to do a 'Mosely look' I'm gonna have to put some stuff with it. A1091844.PF1 It's Mosely's gold 'Coldwell Banker' style blazer. He's had this since the "Saturday Night Fever" premiere.

Hat + Moustache A109540L.PF1 It's real close, but it's not quite enough. I need somethin' that says 'Mosely' all over. A1095444.PF1 Cap and 'moustache'.

Blazer + Moustache A109870L.PF1 It's close, but I've got to do somethin' about the 'do. A1098744.PF1 Coldwell Banker meets Cheech Marin.

Hat + Blazer A109AL0L.PF1 That outfit looks pathetically Mosely-like, but my face is still *way* too good-lookin'. A109AL44.PF1 It's startin' to come together.

Use passport before costume is complete A109544G.PF1 I'll use the passport when the time comes, but first I need to work some more on my 'outfit'.

A109EE44.PF1 Maple syrup. A109EE51.PF1 Why would I want to put syrup on that?

A109WY44.411 Lookin' at my passport picture, it's a wonder the U.S. ever let me go. A109WY4N.411 Why would I want to draw on *my* passport?

A105VX44.PF1 It ain't Godiva chocolates, but sugar is sugar. Eat candy A105VX3X.PF1 (CHEWING) Eat candy 10 times A105VX3X.6Q1 What're ya tryin' to do -- kill me?

A10LTY0L.PF1 I'll need to put this back before the tour group returns. A10LTY44.PF1 I found this parchment hidden in Lady Howard's bed. Talk about dedication to a case! A108OQ44.PF1 Rennes-le-Château and its surroundin's, complements of Madeline.

Look tiretracks A10LU20L.PF1 I sure would like to know what Mallory and MacDougall did last night. Maybe I'll see some tire tracks out in the valley. A10LU244.PF1 It's the tire tread from Mallory and MacDougall's car.

A10LW444.PF1 It's the stone from the basin.

A10LX144.PF1 It's a long piece of masking tape. Still sticky, too.

R25 key A10LY044.QR1 That key really comes in handy when I wanna get into my room.

Cross of Lorraine poem A10O3U0L.Q81 There's an awful lot of blood imagery in this thing. Arteries, veins . . . It oughtta be relevant, but I'm not sure how. A10O3U44.SW1 Sheesh! The woman's already in hyper drive and we just started this thing. A10O3U44.SW2 Weird poem, too. A10O3U44.SX1 It's the weird poem Gracie found in the "Secrets of the Holy Grail" book.

Wilkes' note A10Q480L.PF1 Looks like Wilkes might have been on to somethin' after all. A10Q480L.PF2 I wonder if that's what made him a target? Then again, maybe he just stumbled into the wrong neck of the woods. A10Q4844.PF1 It's the letter I found in Wilkes' pocket.

Room 25

Look closet contents A1L5H044.Q81 I don't have a damn thing with me!

Look bed A1L57Y44.UC1 Kinda of a big bed for little ol' me.

Look dumbwaiter platform A1LL0K44.EI1 The platform's downstairs -- probably in the kitchen. A1LL4X44.PF1 That platform looks sturdy.

Look picture A1LL4444.QR1 That's the Tibetan lama Grace's been talkin' too. He runs a trainin' camp for shadow hunters.

Crawl on platform A1LL4X1L.9P1 Shah! Yeah! That sounds like fun.

Open a locked dumbwaiter from the outside A1LL461A.QC1 That wouldn't do much good. The door's locked.

Click something on platform A1LL4X51.PF1 Why would I wanna send that downstairs?

Reach other platform door A1LL8F20.PF1 I can't reach it too well from here.

Look other dumbwaiter door A1LL8F44.PF1 That door must lead to the adjoinin' room.

Look window A1LL9644.QR1 Nice view. If there was anything to look at, that is.

Look suitcases A1LL9N44.QR1 Those are the suitcases we took with us to Prince James' house.

Enter bathroom with Grace in there / Use laptop while Grace is working on it A1LLBJ20.U91 It's occupied.

Look bathroom door A1LLBJ44.QR1 That's the door to the bathroom.

Look pulley A1LLBZ44.291 A pulley. When was this thing built, the dark ages?

Think at lock A1LLCO0L.581 I think the door locks automatically unless I turn that dial.

Exit with lock off A1LLCO1A.2G1 I'd prefer to leave the lock on.

Look lock A1LLCO1A.081 ,It keeps the door from lockin' automatically when I close it.

Put lock off A1LLCO44.GG1 I've set the lock to 'off.' Don't think I wanna leave it that way, though.

Look couch A1LLGV44.QR1 Well. It ain't Ethan Allen.

Look plant A1LLGW44.QR1 Kind of a bushy thing, innit?

Look dresser A1LLGX44.QR1 Good thing I have all this stuff in my room. You never know when you'll need a dresser.

Look desk A1LLGY44.QR1 Nice of them to provide a little office space.

Look bedside table A1LLGZ44.QR1 Furniture. Gee. How 'bout that.

Look in bedside table A1LLWK44.QR1 There's nothin' in there but dust bunnies.

Look closet once Grace has arrived A1LLH144.QR1 Looks like Gracie's unpacked.

Look trashcan A1LLJ544.QR1 Trash cans. The mark of a really fine hotel.

Look Caillebotte's Périssoires A1LLJ644.QR1 That looks like fun. Except for the rowin' part.

Look Manet's Monet peignant dans son bateau-atelier A1LLJ744.QR1 Who would wear a white suit in a boat? Who would wear a white suit period?

Look Fantin-Latour Still Life With Flowers And Fruits A1LLJ844.QR1 Looks like an ad for wine.

Look Renoir's Gabrielle aux Bijoux A1LLJ944.QR1 I may not know art, but I *like* it.

Look coat hanger A1LLWJ44.QR1 Your basic wire hanger.

Look sticky tape A1LLX044.QR1 Somebody must have had a note in here or somethin'.

Get in bed on day 3 A1LQ7Y25.QR1 No thanks. I've done enough damage already.

Look bed on day 3 A1LQ7Y44.QR1 The scene of the crime. I shouldda known better than to get into that bed last night. A1LQ7Y44.QR2 Goddamn dream!

Ride dumbwaiter again A1LO4X1L.781 I think the kitchen staff would object. Besides, I already did that.

Get back in bed on day 1 or 2 A1LS7Y25.QR1 No thanks. I'm *wide* awake.

A07FUE44.411 That's our luggage.

A1LL0920.WG1 It won't open -- it's locked.

A1LL0920.291 It's an old-fashioned dumb waiter.

A1LL0944.181 It's a dumb waiter.

A1LL0944.KQ1 What is that?

A1LLDC20.GG1 I should make sure the door will lock before I go.


A02O1E2Z.QR1 Grace is the only one who gets e-mail.

A02O4Z2Z.Z81 I can't think of anything to do with that file. I'll let Gracie deal with it.

A02O6I2Z.QR1 I'll let Grace do the research stuff. She *loves* it.

A02O7A2Z.QR1 That analyze stuff is Gracie's thing. You know how women get when you tread on their turf.

Print fake ID A02O8G5F.VU1 I could print it, but I don't have any use for a fake ID at the moment.

Translate into wrong language A02OC02Z.FH1 I won't be able to understand it if I translate it to *that*.

Link map/parchment to suspect A02TX54D.PF1 I actually scanned this so that Gracie can mess with it later, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to link it to a suspect.

R25 Bathroom

Look shelf before Grace arrives A2JRVF44.411 I don't even have my toothbrush with me! Good thing I drink coffee. It'll disintegrate just about anythin'.

Use toothbrush A2J8VJ25.Q81 My teeth are perfectly clean, thanks.

Look toothbrush A2JLVJ44.Q81 Now, if I find any long black hairs in my toothbrush, someone is gonna hear about it.

Look towels A2JLO544.411 A daily supply of clean towels. Reason #1 for stayin' at a hotel.

Smell towels A2JLO556.411 Uh . . . that's a bit anal, innit?

Use sink A2JLVA25.411 My hands are clean, Ma.

Look sink A2JLVA44.411 Font of cleanliness.

Use toilet A2JLVB19.411 I could let you see me doin' that, but then I'd have to kill you.

Open toilet seat A2JLVB20.411 I've been livin' with two women for the past year. I couldn't get myself to leave it open now even under pain of death.

Look toilet A2JLVB44.411 Temple of the porcelein god.

Use bath A2JLVC25.411 What, is this Saturday already?

Look bath A2JLVC44.411 Funny. I'd always heard the French didn't have those things.

Take toilet paper A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Look toilet paper A2JLVD44.411 Greatest invention since fire.

Look in Grace´s cosmetic bag A2JLVG20.Q81 I don't know what women keep in those things, and I don't *wanna* know.

Look Grace´s bag A2JLVG44.Q81 A woman's cosmetic bag in my bathroom. That scares me.

Use hair styling material A2JLVH25.Q81 The 'do is just fine, thanks.

Look hair styling bag A2JLVH44.Q81 Grace made me buy one of those before we went to Prince James' place. I prefer the plastic bag method myself.

Look door lock A1LLCO44.QR1 Well, the door locks. That's a good thing.

Hotel Hallway

Look 27 after reading register but before meeting them A1A4BW44.WR1 The register says a couple is in that room: some lady and a guy named Stiles.

Look 27 after reading register and meeting them A1A4BW44.WS1 That's where Lady Howard and *Estelle* Stiles are stayin'. A1AL9J44.PF1 Estelle and the 'great white hope' are in that room.

Room 21 A1A5DR44.WV1 The register shows an Italian named Buchelli in this room.

A1A5DR44.WW1 Buchelli's in room 21.

Knock Buchelli's door A1AJ204H.1T1 I don't have anythin' to say to Father Buchelli at the moment.

Listening Emilio's door A1A9BW23.PF1 Sounds like Emilio's in his room.

Look Room 29 after reading register but before meeting Madeline A1A42P44.N51 The register says 'M. Buthane' is in this room.

After meeting her A1A52P44.411 Room 29 -- Madeline's room. I'll have to remember that. A1AO2P44.411 It's Madeline's room.

Look room door A1A49I44.5T1 It's a hotel room door. Not mine, by the way.

Look room 33 after reading register but before meeting Mosely A1A49C44.WL1 Someone's in that room, but I couldn't make out the name in the register.

Look room 33 after meeting Mosely A1AH9C44.WI1 Mosely said his room number was 33, so I guess this one's his. A1AL9C44.PF1 That's the Mose-meister's room.

Listen to Mosely's door A1AF9C23.MP1 Sound likes he's takin' a nap before dinner. A1AK9C44.DX1 As far as I know, Mose is in his room.

Knock his door A1AK9C4H.DX1 GABE,Hey, Mostly! A1AK9C4H.DX2 MOSELY I'll be out later, Knight.

Universal Knock Replies A1AL9I4H.MY1 I'm not sure what I'd say if they came to the door. A1AL9I4H.MY2 I'm not sure what I'd say if she came to the door. A1AL9I4H.MY3 I'm not sure what I'd say if he came to the door. A1AL9I4H.HS1 There's no one in there.

Knock door before reading register A1A49I4H.PF1 I don't even know who's in that room yet.

Look room 31 after reading register but before meeting Emilio A1A49J44.WM1 Someone called 'Baza' is checked into this one. And after meeting Emilio A1A49J44.WN1 Accordin' to the register, Emilio is in this room. A1AC9J44.3N1 This *was* Emilio's room, now those two British women have it.

Look room 23 A1A53S44.WJ1 The register says someone named Wilkes is in that room. I haven't met him yet. A1AL3S44.PF1 It's Wilkes' room.

Listen door 31 A1AC9J4H.3N1 They're in there alright, but they're probably unpackin'.

Knock room 27 A1ACBW4H.3N1 I could ask him why he changed rooms, but I'm not sure I'd get a straight answer.

Look room 27 A1ACBW44.3N1 Baza's in that room now. He switched with the gals from England . . . for some reason. A1ALBW44.PF1 Baza's room.

Look room 21 A1A5DR44.WW1 Buchelli's in room 21.

A1AN9C23.411 Oh, he's in there all right.

Open closet A1AL1420.PF1 It's locked. Good thing I don't need any toilet paper.

Look closet sign A1ALJB44.QR1 'Hotel blah blah. Staff only.'

Look closet A1AQ1444.PF1 It's a supply closet.

Use glass on room 25 A1AL8223.PF1 I don't wanna spy on *my* door.

Knock room 25 A1AR824H.PF1 Should I see if I'm in?

Look room 25 A1AL8244.411 This is my room.

Look room numbers A1ALJA44.PF1 Room numbers. That's handy.

Look Zandomeneghi's Senora nel Prato A1ALJC44.PF1 See, now there's an artist who knows how sexy red umbrellas are.

Look Caillebotte's Brume Matinale A1ALJD44.PF1 They need to get some of my Dad's paintin's in here. These are a bit too 'happy' for my taste.

Look Merse's family picknick A1ALJE44.PF1 'Little family in the grass'. How domestic.

Look table A1ALWV44.QR1 Cool table! Check out those lions.

Room 33

Talk to Mose without topic A09L121B.P61 I can't think of anythin' to talk to Mose about at the moment.

Look blazer A09ICM44.MM1 God! Is he still wearin' that gold blazer? I can't believe it hasn't fallen to shreds by now! A09ICM44.MM2 Must be all those tough polyester fibers.

Look desk A09L3K44.QR1 Mosely's 'executive suite'.

Look bed A09L7Y44.QR1 "Hi, I'm Mosely, wanna . . . um . . . come back to my room?" (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Search briefcase A09L9N20.QR1 Please don't make me.

Look briefcase A09L9N44.QR1 JC Penney special. From high school.

Enter bathroom A09LBJ20.QR1 I don't think Mose would appreciate me pokin' around his bathroom. Even if I *could* stomach it.

Look bathroom A09LBJ44.QR1 That's probably the bathroom in there.

Look clothes on floor A09LBL44.QR1 Now *that's* what I miss about livin' alone. Pure, unrepentant sloth.

Search closet A09LD120.QR1 From the look of the floor, I seriously doubt there's anythin' in the closet.

Look closet A09LD144.QR1 Mosely's obviously not usin' that closet. If it was shorter, he could set his beer on it.

Pick up beer can A09LDU32.QR1 That's what maids are for.

Look beer can A09LDU44.QR1 The man's a pig -- what can I say?

Look trash can A09LJ544.QR1 Cleanest spot in the room.

Look air vent A09LL844.QR1 They probably heard he was comin' and had that installed.

Take shoes A09LL932.QR1 They're not in my size, color, or decade.

Look shoes A09LL944.QR1 I thought I smelled somethin'.

Look Schuffenecker's Beach at Concarneau A09LLJ44.QR1 Some *wet* rustic scene.

Look Werenskiold's Autumn A09LLK44.QR1 Ah, some rustic scene.

Look Morisot's In the Grass A09LLM44.QR1 You've heard of 'girl movies'? That's a 'girl painting'.

Look Cabanel's Birth of Venus A09LLO44.QR1 Looks like somethin' Mosley would put up at home, too.

Look coatrack A09LLL44.QR1 Is it just me, or is there somethin' vaguely obscene about that thing?

Open briefcase A09LLN20.QR1 I don't wanna see Mosely's briefs.

Look briefcase A09LLN44.QR1 Mosely must be up to somethin' if he's carryin' around his briefcase.

Look lightbulb A09LLZ44.QR1 Mose is 'economizin'.

Look trunk A091CD20.QR1 It's probably empty. I think the hotel's storin' it here to get it out of the way. A091CD20.QR2 Besides, it doesn't look like the one on the train. A091CD44.QR1 What is it with me and trunks lately?

Looking at Mosely's door lock: A0A8CO44.411 It's a lock -- just like the one in my room.

Hotel Lobby

Look Jean A1ELCU44.PF1 It's Jean, the receptionist.

Look buzzers A1EL5044.QR1 Buzzers for the hotel rooms. Talk about high-tech.

Buzz room 25 A1ERUC1J.411 Uh -- that's my room. And it's empty at the moment.

Buzz room 25 when Grace is in A1ELUC1J.UD1 I *could* buzz Grace, but she'd probably come down and break my fingers.

Buzz room 33 A1ELE21J.411 I don't need Mr. Muffin Butt at the moment.

Buzz a room A1EL501J.PF1 I don't need to buzz anybody at the moment.

Look book on desk A1E49G44.5T1 There's some kinda book on the desk.

It's the hotel registry! A1EL9G44.751 It's the hotel registry.

Take the hotel registry A1EL9G32.QR1 I *don't* think they'd appreciate that.

Take the pen A1ELXB32.PF1 Uh . . . it's chained to the desk.

Look pen A1ELXB44.PF1 It goes with the register.

Snipe marker/Use buzzer while Jean is at the desk A1EL401I.D71 JEAN,Oui, Monsieur Knight? A1E9E21J.A31 I could . . . but maybe I should wait until Jean's elsewhere.

Use bell while Jean is walking about A1EL841Y.A31 I think that would annoy him.

Use bell when Simone is right there A1EL841Y.YA1 She's sittin' right there.

Look bell A1EL8444.QR1 It's a bell for gettin' someone's attention. A1EL8444.QR2 'Course *I* get attention without havin' to ask for it.

Read register A1E49144.F41 Accordin' to the register, Mr. Baza arrived before me and Buchelli sometime after. I think I got in around eleven. A1E59144.LW1 Buchelli admits he came in late. Says he took a train from Naples. A1E49144.5Z1 Looks like these guests have all signed in within the last twenty-four hours. A1E49144.GX1 Hmm . . . These must be the people on the tour group. A1EL9144.G61 Buchelli arrived after me all right, but not on a train from Naples. I have no way of verifyin' what Emilio said.

Take second sweet A1EGVW32.Q81 Wouldn't wanna get greedy about it.

Look candy again A1ELVW44.6R1 Cheap candy. I can dig it.

Look Simone A1EL1Y44.PF1 She's the night receptionist.

Look window A1EL9644.QR1 The window overlooks the parkin' lot. That's pleasant.

Chat with Jean A1ELCU39.FP1 GABE,I just want you to know, you're doin' a *great* job. A1ELCU39.FP2 JEAN,Oh! So many people forget to say the little words of kindness! Monsieur is *too* thoughtful. A1ELCU39.FP3 GABE,Don't mention it.

A1ELCU39.0Z1 GABE,How's life, Jean? A1ELCU39.0Z2 JEAN,Monsieur does *not* wish to know.

Use phone on desk A1ELED25.PF1 I'd rather use a pay phone, thanks.

Look phone A1ELED44.PF1 The hotel's one link to the outside world.

Look Cézanne's Still Life with Skull and Candlestick A1ELID44.QR1

  • That's* cheerful. Makes me feel right at home.

Look Daubigny's Pond of Gylieu A1ELIE44.QR1 'Pastoral du swamp'. Oh, lovely.

Look Monet's Still Life with Pears and Grapes A1ELIF44.QR1 Shouldn't that paintin' be in the dining room? No, that would make too much sense.

Look Manet's portrait of Irma Brunner A1ELIG44.QR1 Talk about your big hair!

Sit in lounge A1ELIO19.QR1 Don't feel like sittin' down.

Look lounge A1ELIO44.QR1 A *lounge*. How sophisticated.

Take candy A1ELVW32.GH1 I've had enough of those -- and so has Mosely.

Look candy A1ELVW44.291 Hey, free food!

Take flowers A1ELWC32.PF1 I'm not the type to give flowers. Or take them, for that matter.

Look flowers A1ELWC44.PF1 Flowers. Nice.

Look lamp A1ELWD44.QR1 Light. This place could use it.

Phone Booth

Opening curtain A01KDW20.411 That would be kinda rude.

Look phonebooth A01KDW44.411 Someone's on the phone.

Use phone A01LED1R.QR1 I'm not sure who to call.

Use James's calling card at bad time A01LED3S.BC1 I don't need to call Prince James right now.

Look phone A01LED44.QR1 It's a telephone. They work the same way here in France.

Sit on stool A014II19.QR1 No thanks. It's too much like a confessional.

Look telephone sign A014IT44.QR1 Guess they're tryin' to avoid any confusion.

Look Renoir's Nude A01LIG44.QR1 She has a certain naive, barnyard charm.

Close curtain A01LIL1V.W91 I'd rather not. I'm claustraphobic.

Look curtain A01LIL44.QR1 For privacy, I expect.

Dining Room

Look syrup A17C2G44.PF1 Packages of maple syrup.

Eat syrup A17L2G3X.PF1 Um . . . no thanks.

Take more syrup A17L2G32.KX1 I don't need any more syrup.

Look table outside food hours A17L7R44.QR1 Nothin' much on the buffet at the moment.

Enter kitchen on day 1 A17L2920.QR1 Why would I wanna go in there?

Enter kitchen after burgling spree A17L2920.U61 I don't need to go back in the kitchen.

Look kitchen door A17L2944.QR1 That goes into the kitchen.

(alternate coffee line) A174AY44.971 Coffee. *Good* stuff, too.

Take pottery A17LIM32.QR1 What would I want with pottery?

Look pottery A17LIM44.QR1 Pottery. What's up with that?

Look fireplace A17LIN44.QR1 I hope they don't actually *cook* in that.

Look Degas' Frieze Of Dancers pieces A17LIU44.QR1 Nothin' like tutus to help ya work up an appetite.

Look Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party A17LIV44.QR1 Hey! A paintin' of *diners* for a *dinin' room*. Clever.

Look Raffaëli's Absinthe Drinkers A17LIW44.QR1 Two lonely guys. In hats.

Look other dancer painting A17LIX44.QR1 Nice legs.

Look Renoir's Le Loge A17LIY44.QR1 She's kinda cute but . . . whaddya suppose *he's* doin' . . . exactly?

Take coffee cup A17LIZ32.QR1 It's useless without actual coffee in it.

Look coffee cup A17LIZ44.QR1 Are those coffee cups or thimbles? I shoulda brought my stein.

Eat A17LJ219.QR1 I'm not hungry yet.

Look chairs A17LJ244.QR1 Those look comfy.

Look tables A17LJ344.QR1 Tables in a dinin' room. Lordy, imagine that.

Open food crate A17LUF20.Q81 I make it a rule never to look at French food. It sometimes looks back.

Look food crate A17LUF44.Q81 Real propane cookin'. Yu-um!

Look cutlery A17LUG0L.Q81 Beats the heck out of eatin' with your hands.

Take cutlery A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Look plates A17LUG44.Q81 Plates 'n stuff.

Use cream and sugar A17LUI3X.PF1 Real men drink it black.

Take cream and sugar A17LUI32.PF1 I *could* take the cream and sugar, but it would get a bit messy.

Look cream and sugar A17LUI44.PF1 White stuff.

At the cemetery

Look at parsonage A0CHNL44.PF1 Looks like the parsonage maybe, or whatever they call 'em in France.

Entering parsonage before meeting Arnaud A0CHB44H.411 I don't even know who lives there.

Looking at parsonage A0CLNL44.171 Arnaud lives there. He sure has a taste for the morbid.

Knocking Arnaud's door A0CLB44H.YN1 Yeah, I *could* bug him, but maybe I'll wait until he's out and about.

Looking at empty parsonage A0CLB44H.Z31 I don't think there's anybody home.

Looking at parsonage door A0CLB444.QR1 It's the parsonage door.

Closing window while Arnaud is in A0CLEI1V.8I1 I don't wanna close it *now*. He might hear me.

Entering window while he's in A0CLEI20.OY1 Um . . . I think he'd notice.

Entering window early in the game A0CLEI20.NE1 Maybe I should try walking in the *door* first.

Look into office from cemetery A0CLEI44.EJ1 Looks like a church office in there.

Looking at full parsonage A0CLEI44.OY1 Arnaud's in there.

Look at office window after meeting Arnaud A0CLEI44.5C1 That window is in the Abbé's office.

A0CLNG44.QR1 They're dead serious about keepin' people out of there, aren't they?

A0CLNH44.411 Damn! They really piled the cement on top of this one.

A0FLDS44.Z81 That must be where the guy's buried.

Look at large tomb A0CLG544.QR1 That's a big tomb.

Look at skull and bones on tomb A0CLN244.QR1 Gee a pirate must be buried here.

Look at plants A0CLN144.QR1 Minimalistic gardenin'. Kinda like my approach to relationships.

Trying to read worn tombstone A0CLN358.QR1 I can't read it. The letters have worn away.

Looking at Jewish tombstone A0CLN444.QR1 A few of these stones have a star on 'em.

Looking at 18th century tombstone A0CLN544.QR1 Here's a newer one. Relatively speaking.

Read tombstone A0CLN558.QR1 Duc de Razès, 1700's.

Look at tree A0CLN644.QR1 Shade for the dead. That *is* important.

Read tombstone A0CLN958.QR1 It says: "Jacques Gérard, 1792-1861." A0CLN958.QR2 Hey, I wonder if he could be the 'Jacques' of 'Frere Jacques'? Probably not.

Look 20th century tombstone A0CLNA44.QR1 This one's twentieth century.

Read tombstone A0CLNA58.QR1 Maxine Lafete. She died in the 70's. Can't say I blame her.

Read tombstone A0CLNB58.QR1 Louis Hoffet. Kicked it in 1964.

Read tombstone A0CLNC58.QR1 Abigail passed on in 1893.

Look tombstone A0CLND44.QR1 This one's from the turn of the century. LAST century.

Read tombstone A0CLND58.QR1 Poor Pierre, he was only 34. 'Course, that's 238 in dog years.

Look Sauniere cross A0CLNE44.QR1 It's a cross. Can't see any writin' on it or anythin'.

After reading Sauniere plaque A0CLNF44.2E1 That's the grave of Abbé Saunière.

After reading Marie plaque A0CLNH44.2F1 Marie Dénarnaud is buried here.

Looking at Marie's grave before reading plaque

Looking at Sauniere's grave A0CLNF44.231 It's Saunière's grave.

Looking at sign A0CLNJ44.QR1 There's a heart-shaped sign in the wall.

Reading Marie sign A0CLNJ58.QR1 "Ici repose Mademoiselle Marie Dénarnaud. Died January, 1953 at 85 years old."

Look at portrait after seeing it's Sauniere A0CLNK44.231 That must be Saunière himself. He's lookin' a little worse for wear.

Retrying to open window A0COEI20.DB1 It's swollen up again.

Look at office while Arnaud's in A0CPEI44.3L1 It looks like the Abbé's in his office.

Look office before meeting Arnaud A0CLEI44.EJ1 Looks like a church office in there.

Look at church windows from cemetery A0CLN044.QR1 It's the back of the church.

Closing the window while Arnaud is in A0CLEI1V.8I1 I don't wanna close it *now*. He might hear me.

Looking at parsonage after Arnaud/Prince James Men confrontation A0CFNL44.4Z1 I wonder how Prince James' men knew Arnaud lived here?

At the Church

Open office door A18ABC4H.221 I'm not even sure where that door leads. A18ABC4H.IE1 I don't have good excuse for buggin' the Abbé at the moment. A18ABC23.IV1 There's somebody in there. Probably the Abbé.

A18ABC23.061 Sounds like someone's in there with him. A18LBC4H.ZF1 I don't hear anythin'. I don't think he's in there.

A18ABC44.IE1 That must be the Abbé's office.

Use glass on door A18FBC23.PF1 If he's in there, I could hear him better from around back.

Look phrase A18HET44.1Y1 Par ce signe tu le vaincras. Whatever the hell *that* means.

A18LET44.KP1 Buchelli says it means 'By this sign you shall conquer it.' Wonder how *he* knows.

Look angel statue near entrance A18L1F44.QR1 What're *they* lookin' for? The last Virgin in France? A18L9M0M.Z81 Huh. Those hand positions can also make a tilted square. Never noticed that when I took Catechism classes. A18L9M0M.Z82 Uh . . . I'm gettin' confused. I'd better start over.

A18L1N44.QR1 St. Anthony of Padua. A18L1N44.QR2 And there's a kid comin' out of a book. Scary. Almost enough to make you never pick up a book again.

A18L1X44.QR1 St. Anthony the hermit. There's a fun lovin' guy.

Look Asmodeus A18L3W44.QR1 Nothin' like a like Satanic imagery to make a church feel cozy.

A18L6Z44.QR1 Mary Magdalen. A18L6Z44.QR2 What a babe, huh?

Angel pedestal A18L8C44.QR1 There're those four angels again.

A18L8P44.QR1 Sermon on the Mount, maybe?

A18L2144.QR1 Mary Magdalen in some kinda of cave. A skull, a book, and a cross made from a tree with livin' branches. A18L2144.QR2 Huh.

Stations of the Cross A18LKJ44.QR1 I remember these 'stations of the cross' from my catechism classes. This one shows Jesus with Pilate. A18LKK44.QR1 Jesus carryin' the cross. A18LKL44.QR1 Jesus falls for the first time. They didn't wear much in those days, did they? A18LKM44.QR1 Jesus and some women. Magdalen's probably one of 'em. A18LKN44.QR1 Still on the way to the crucifixion. A18LKO44.QR1 From the dark depths of my early religious trainin', I seem to remember somethin' about Veronica and a veil. A18LKP44.QR1 He falls again or . . . somethin'. Father O'Brian would be ashamed at my memory. A18LKQ44.QR1 Jesus with some more women. No, don't remember who. A18LKR44.QR1 I think this one is Jesus fallin' for the third time. A18LKS44.QR1 The soliders take Jesus' clothes and throw dice for 'em. I remember that one. A18LKS44.QR2 These really remind me of Gran. I should give her a call soon as we get back to Rittersberg. A18LKT44.QR1 He's bein' crucified. A18LKU44.QR1 I never did like these things, even way back when. Creeps me out. A18LKU44.QR2 Then again, I s'pose that's the point. A18LKV44.QR1 He's removed from the cross. A18LKW44.QR1 Jesus is taken to the tomb.

A18LKY44.YF1 It's a leaf and vine pattern.

A18LL044.QR1 St. Roch. Nice legs. A18LL044.QR2 Maybe he's the patron saint of Gillette. Nevermind.

Use wallet on donation basket A18LL73C.Q81 I have a policy with religious institutions: they don't bother me and I don't bother them.

Steal from basket A18LL732.Q81 I've got enough sins already, thanks.

Look basket A18LL744.Q81 Fuel for the flock. Trinkets for the trinity.

A18LL144.QR1 It's Jesus and John the Baptist. They look dusty.

Look floor by Baptist statue A18LCJ44.QR1 Nice tile floor. Real nihilistic.

Look at vase and cross image cleverly hidden on the ceiling A18LKZ44.QR1 Looks like a vase, a cross, and . . . hmmm, a couple of letters maybe?

A18LL244.QR1 It's Joseph holdin' the infant Jesus.

A18LL344.QR1 Madonna and child. It's kind of a Catholic thing.

A18LL444.QR1 It's a big pulpit kind of a thing.

A18LL644.Z31 Arnaud's not here at the moment.

Use confessional A18LLB6T.QR1 I don't think they're still takin' customers.

Look confessional A18LLB44.411 That's a confessional, but it looks like it hasn't been used since Vatican II.

A18LLE44.YN1 An information desk. All you ever wanted to know about a little church in the middle of nowhere.

A18LLF44.PF1 A communion cup. Geeze, the last time I took communion I didn't even have facial hair. A18LLF44.PF2 Not that I have much now.

A18LLG44.QR1 St. Germaine. Never heard of her. Maybe she's the saint of relativity. A18LLG44.QR2 Get it? Germaine? Relative? Oh, never mind.

A18LLH44.QR1 The Magdalen washin' Jesus' feet. They just don't *make* women like that anymore.

A1YLKG44.3L1 Stained glass. It's a bit too Victorian for my tastes, but Gracie loves the stuff.

Knock office door again A18NBC4H.6R1 Yeah, I *could* keep knockin', but no point in wearin' out my knuckles.

A18O7544.QR1 The English brochures came in. A18O7544.QR2 'Course now I've got more important things to worry about. Pick up A18O7532.QR1 Nah. I think Gracie's lookin' into it.

A185L544.QR1 They're called pews. You sit in them.

At the Museum

A0F5SY3C.QR1 I'm not really one for writin' letters. Besides, it's kind of a tourist thing to buy postcards.

Look postcard stand A0F5SY44.QR1 Hey, they actually have souveniors for sale. I'm sure Gracie'll be all over it -- if and when she gets here.

Take the hat A0FL1Q32.PF1 It's not really my style. Looks more like somethin' Mosely would wear.

Look hat A0FL1Q44.PF1 Somebody lost a hat.

Look box A0FL5N44.Q81 It looks like a lost and found box.

Look empty box A0FL5N44.WZ1 Nothin' lost at the moment.

Look sign A0FLJF44.3L1 Lost items. Wonder if my life is in there.

Look window A0FL9644.PF1 The architects weren't too crazy about light, were they?

Look harp tapestry (HINT: Check the bonus section to find out what line was supposed to come after this one) A0FLJG44.3L1 I'm not sure I'd want that thing between my legs. Looks dangerous.

Look Adam tapestry A0FLJH44.3L1 Adam and Eve. I never liked that story. Can you *imagine* there bein' only one woman on the entire planet?

Look orchard tapestry A0FLJI44.3L1 Hey, he kinda looks like me! Except for the dress part.

Look Sauniere portrait A0FLJJ44.3L1 I think he's the guy the museum's named after – Saunière.

Look letter A0FLJK44.3L1 It's a letter. In French.

Look bills A0FLJL44.3L1 A bunch of old documents in French. Be still my heart.

Look bookplate A0FLJM44.3L1 Looks like some kind of emblem or seal in Latin. Probably from the Church.

Look angel picture A0FLJN44.X11 Hey, that demon kinda looks like the one in the church.

Look angel picture before seeing demon statue in church A0FLJN44.X21 It's an angel holdin' a devil in chains. Odd. I've never seen Satan drawn quite like that.

Look postcards A0FLT344.QR1 Pictures of the town and stuff.

Look painting postcards A0FLSZ44.QR1 I'm not sure what those paintin's have to do with this area. Not that it really matters, I guess.

Look panels A0FLWE44.QR1 These panels tell the history of the Rennes-le-Château area.

Look panels A0FLWF44.QR1 This side tells the story of that abbé, Saunière.

At Tour Magdala

Look mountain A1FLD444.UT1 That's Mount Cardou over there -- it's near Larry's house. A1FLD444.QR1 There's a mountain over there. Not surprisin' since we're close to the Pyrennes.

Look post A1FLML44.QR1 It's just a decorative post, I guess.

Look tower A1FLMM44.QR1 This is like an old castle tower. Almost reminds me of somethin' Ludwig would have built.

Look Blanchefort A1FLYD44.UE1 That's Château de Blanchefort. It's just across from Mount Cardou.

Look tower curtains A03LMC44.QR1 Curtains in matchin' fabric. How suave.

Look books A03LMD44.QR1 The books are all old -- and French.

Look seats A03LME44.QR1 Seats. At the window. Hence the name 'window seats'.

Look window A03LMF44.QR1 Windows. Hey, I bet those come in handy.

A20LO144.411 We're really on the edge of town back here.

A20LO244.411 Tour Magdala.

Look rocks A20LO044.411 Sophisticated freeform scrulpture. Or rocks.

At moped rental shop

A1WH3N44.PF1 and A1W23N44.PF1 It's a moped rental shop. A1WH3N44.PF2 They're closed at the moment.

Look at a moped before shop is open A1WHEH44.PF1 I need to rent a bike.

Read sign A1WL0O44.PF1 Looks like they're open from two to five.

Think sign A1WH0O0L.PF1 I'll have to come back later.

Look Harley before talking to Bigout A1WH7C44.PF1 Check out that Harley! Wow. I'd love to drive that baby.

Look wreck before talking to Bigout A1WH7X44.PF1 What a pathetic excuse for a bike.

Knock on shop door A1WHJX4H.411 Hey! Anybody in there? A1WHJX4H.412 Guess not.

Knock on domestic door A1WHJZ4H.PF1 Anybody home? I wanna rent a bike! A1WHJZ4H.PF2 (SIGH)

Look Bigout after renting bike A1W99Y44.L61 I think I'd better avoid him for a while. He can't be *that* stupid.

Use wallet on Harley before store opens: A1WHK43C.U51 I can't rent one until they open.

Look mopeds at 1:2-4 or 1:4-6 A1W2EH44.L61 I've rented mine.

Look shop A1WL3N44.XF1 It's the shop where I got my Harley.

Look Sold Out sign A1WL5C44.411 Looks like we wiped out his inventory.

Copy unknown license plate number A1WL724X.5H1 I'm not sure who's drivin' that one.

Nick Howard/Stiles extra binocs A1WLG932.QR1 I already got a pair. Look binocs A1WLG944.QR1 Binoculars. I got some with my bike, too.

Knock door again A1WLJX4H.XF1 I got my bike. I don't need anythin' else.

Look garage door A1WLJY44.PF1 That must be where they repair the bikes.

Look house A1WLJZ44.PF1 Somebody lives there. Probably someone with a penchant for rusty barrels.

Look barrels A1WLK244.PF1 Nothin' like a bunch of rusty barrels to make you wanna rent a bike.

Look barrel and wooden beam construction A1WLK344.XH1 Looks like an accident waitin' to happen. Kind of like my life. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look trash A1WLK044.411 A trash heap. That's one way to draw a crowd -- of flies, anyway.

Look wooden beams A1WLK144.411 Maybe they're plannin' on holdin' a crucifixion later.-

Bike Identification

A1WL0U44.OW1 That's Buchelli's bike.

A1WL0W44.BL1 I believe that's Wilkes' bike.

A1WL1G44.J41 Yeah. Mosely's drivin' that thing.

A1WLA144.G11 That's the moped that Lady Howard and Estelle were drivin' around in. A1WL1I58.QG1 FKS427G. Lady Howard and Estelle's charmin' vehicle.

A1WL5U44.0J1 Emilio's rented that bike.

A1WLB744.3L1 That's m'Harley. What I went through to get that bike!

Look Wilkes bike A0XF0W44.BL1 and A2920W44.BV1 That's Wilkes' moped.

Look unknown moped A0XF0W44.5H1 That looks like one of the Rennes-le-Château mopeds.

Spot unknown moped A2920W0L.K81 I wonder who's here?

Noting moped number too early A28A8Q4X.EF1 I don't know who's drivin' it yet.

A1WL1I58.Q81 FKS427G. A28A8Q58.B71 HLK841J. A2926U58.K81 FED039A. A0XFTS58.Q81 VDG945F. A26A3J58.5Z1 ASD257K.

A2893D44.411 That's Wilkes. A28A8Q58.B72 That's Emilio's bike.

A2926U58.2C1 FED039A is Wilkes' moped. A2926U58.BV2 Guess I should make a note of it.

A2926U4X.K81 I *could* write down the license plate number, but I'd better find out who's *drivin'* it first.

Copy a known bike number again A1WL1I4X.QG1 I already have that one. A28A8Q4X.B71 I already have it.

A2920W44.K81 Somebody's here.

A2926U4X.2C1 I've already got that license plate number.

A2FL8S27.6M1 I already did that.

A0XF724X.BL1 A0XFTS4X.OW1 I already have it.

A0XF724X.5H1 I don't know who's rented that bike.

A1WOK444.YI1 I know who's rented all the other bikes, so I guess I can deduce who's rented this one.

A28A8Q58.EF1 HLK841J. I'd write it down if I knew who'd rented it.

1:2-4 Copy Hermitage license plate # A2926U4X.BV1 Got it.

Outside in Rennes-le-Château

A1XLFW20.ZZ1 The sign says 'do not enter'. I'd at least need a *reason* to ignore it.

Open window A07LJS20.3L1 Even if I *wanted* to open it, I couldn't reach it.

Read sign A1XLLR44.QR1 It says 'KEEP OUT', more or less.

Break in A1XLLS6P.X91 First of all, I'm not interested enough in this Saunière guy to break into the place. Second, I've got better things to do than sit in jail. A1XLLS6P.X92 Not that it wasn't a fine idea.

Look windows A1XLLS44.QR1 I can't see a thing through those.

A1XLLR44.ZY1 It's a private property sign. Interesting. It doesn't look like anybody's living here at the moment.

A1XLLQ44.X81 Villa Bethania, personal residence constructed by Saunière. A1XLLQ44.X82 Whoever that is.

A1XLLQ44.X81 Villa Bethania, personal residence constructed by Saunière. A1XLLQ44.X92 He's the one who got rich and started the rumors about a treasure.

Look windows with hearts A1XLLY44.QR1 I think those windows show the 'sacred heart of Jesus.' A1XLLY44.QR2 Ya gotta hand it to us Catholics, babe. We really know our anatomy.

Office right to Bethania A1XLLU44.QR1 Looks like an attached office or somethin'.

A1XLLW44.QR1 It says 'Tour Magdala'.

A1XLLX44.071 Wonder what that is?

Enter house A1YLJU3I.PF1 No problem! I'm sure the residents wouldn't mind.

Look museum A1Y4KA44.X81 That's a big building. I wonder what it is? A1YLKA44.X91 That's the museum over there.

A1YLKA44.Y51 There's another big building over there. I'll have to go check it out.

A1YHKI44.XX1 It's a big building, but I don't see any sign on it. It certainly isn't the church.

A1YL8L44.QR1 At least they put signs up. Everythin' around here looks the same.

A1YLJU44.3L1 I don't wanna look *too* hard, I might see somethin' embarassin' in there.

A1YLK54H.Q81 I have no idea who lives there, but they probably have no interest in meetin' me. A1YLK54H.Q82 I know it's hard to believe, but . . . you know. They're French.

A1YLK544.Q81 Yup. That house has a door all right.

A1YHK744.XX1 That must be the church. A1YLK744.XY1 St. Mary Magdelen church.

A1YLK944.QR1 There are some words written over the door. A1YLK958.QR1 Terribilis est locus iste. A1YLK958.QR2 Whatever. A1YLKB58.QR1 Don't look at me. They didn't teach Latin in the New Orleans school district.

A1YLKE44.3L1 There's some art above the door.

A1YLKD44.Q81 I *don't* think there's anythin' in there.

A1YLKC44.3L1 That's a small place.

A1YLKG44.3L1 Stained glass. It's a bit too Victorian for my tastes, but Gracie loves the stuff.

Look yellow decoration over church roof A1YLK844.QR1 That yellow tile certainly makes its presence felt.

Break into delapidated shed A1YLX46P.PF1 I don't think I need to bust my way into that shed. It's probably just full of spider webs.

Look shed A1YLX344.PF1 Now that's what I call "weatherin'." Some people pay a fortune to get their stuff to look like that.

Open shed A1YLX420.PF1 It's padlocked.

Look black cat A1YLX244.PF1 A black cat. How appropriate.

Look shed A1YLX444.PF1 That shed looks like it hasn't see the light of day in a couple of years. Reminds me of a garage I had once.

Use tape on shed A1YLX37Q.3L1 Hmmm. Not sure why I'd wanna do that.

A1Y4KA44.X81 That's a big building. I wonder what it is?

Think chicken A2FLVV0L.3L1 Reminds me of the 'present' the Voodoo group left me. Yuck. Take chicken A2FLVV32.3L1 Well, gee, I don't need a live chicken at the moment. Look chicken A2FLVV44.3L1 Must not be a lot of cats around here.

Sit on hotel bench A07LBP19.PF1 No thanks.

Look hotel bench or the Kitchen Easter Egg on 2:10-12 A07LBP44.PF1 Great place to sit and watch . . . Well, I'm sure somethin' happens here occassionally.

A07SAH44.H21 Looks like those front rooms have balconies.

Look R25 window A07RBF44.PF1 I believe that's my room. A07FBF44.I81 Gracie's up in the room.

Look rental shop sign A07LGT44.L61 That sign's for the moped rental shop.

Look room when hanging out window (or when standing on floor of the outside) A07LEB44.O01 That's Emilio's room. A07LEB44.IO1 I wonder whose room that is?

Look H/S balcony door from the outside A078AU44.641 Entrée to the irrepressible Lady Howard and Ms. Stiles' room. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look parking lot sign A07LJQ44.3L1 Right. They obviously need to keep away the hordes of tourists.

A07LJS20.3L1 Even if I *wanted* to open it, I couldn't reach it.

A07LJT4H.3L1 I *could* check every house in the area, but they'd probably get a little pissed.

A07LJU20.3L1 Right. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Look bookstore A07LJO44.PF1 I think it's a bookstore.

A07LJP44.3L1 Looks like they're closed.

A07LJR20.PF1 They're closed.

Look San Gréal book A07L6344.491 San gréal. It's French for 'holy grail.' A07Q6344.XB1 What I heard on the train wasn't 'san gréal' at all, but 'sang *real* -- 'royal blood'.

A0750344.QR1 'Secrets of the Holy Grail'. I wonder if that book's got somethin' to do with this area? A0750344.QR2 Unfortunately, the store's closed.

Spot Madeline's van A07L8Z44.PF1 Looks like Madeline's here.

Look hotel name sign A07L8L44.QR1 L'Hôtel de Rennes-le-Château.

Look No Vacancy sign A07L1B44.PF1 Looks like they're booked up.

Look Moped Shop Sign A07GGT44.U51 Not sure what it says, but if it has to do with bikes, I'm *there*.

Look hotel A07L0H44.3L1 Le hotel.

Look house A07LJT44.3L1 That looks like a private home.

Look fountain A07LQG44.PF1 If I look at it for *too* long, I'll have to go back up to the room.

Walk out of town A07LXA22.U51 That's the way outta town. I wouldn't get far on foot.

A07LXA22.XS1 I'll go get the Harley.

A0748Z44.QN1 The parkin' lot is packed, innit?

A0754W44.Q81 Gee, that book looks interestin'. Too bad the store's closed.

A0782P44.641 That's Madeline's room in there.

A0785V44.PF1 It's the roof.

A13L0E44.QR1 Looks like the entrance to the museum.

A13LKA44.QR1 That's the museum.

A13L8L44.QR1 Tourist signs. Wouldn't want anybody gettin' lost.

A13LGR44.QR1 Don't ask me to pronounce that.

A13LGS44.QR1 They're open all day.

A13LGU20.QR1 I'd better not. It probably leads to private property.

A13LGU44.QR1 I'm not sure where that goes, but it's not marked or anythin'.

A13LJU20.3L1 I don't think the local law enforcement would appreciate my breakin' into houses.

A13LJU44.3L1 Quiet place. People don't even open their windows.

A13LJW4H.3L1 I don't think I'd find the baby by knockin' on doors. I *will* keep my ears open, though.

A134JW44.X81 There's a museum down here somewhere, but I don't think that's it.

A1348L44.PF1 Museum and church. This place is just jam-packed with culture, innit?

At Poussin's Tomb

Look tomb fence A0GL2H44.Q81 Good thing I have no *interest* in goin' over there.

Look tomb A0GL1344.QR1 That's the tomb the sign mentions. Must be some famous person named Poussin buried there.

A0GLPJ44.QR1 It's a tourist sign.

Copy SUM A0GLBB4X.PF1 Why would I want to write that down? It doesn't even make sense.

Look SUM A0GLBB44.PF1 Somebody wrote 'WUS'. Must have been lookin' at Mosely at the time.

Read sign A0GLPJ58.QR1 Poussin's tomb lookout.

Look fence A0GLPK0L.QR1 Good thing they have those up, 'cause there's nothin' more temptin' to vandalize than a tomb on a hill.

Look fence sign A0GLPK44.QR1 That looks just like 'private property'. I love it when it's that easy.

Think tomb A0GLPL44.QR1 Remind me to put it in my will -- I'd rather *not* be stuck in a sarcophagus at the side of the road.

Sit stone A0GLPM19.QR1 I was just *on* the bike. I'm not tired.

Look stick A0GLPN44.QR1 If there were two of those I could make a fire. Pick up stick A0GLPN6P.3F1 Uh -- I was just kiddin' about the fire thing.

At L'Homme Mort

Thinking at tourist sign before 3:2AM A0EL8L0L.411 I remember somethin' about those parchments from the museum, but I don't see how it could relate to the case.

Thinking at tourist sign after 3:2AM but before finding Wilkes A0EL8L0L.3D1 Maybe Mosely was tryin' to dig up the 'Dead Man'.

Thinking at tourist sign after finding Wilkes A0EJ8L0L.411 In this case, the dead man was Wilkes.

Read tourist sign A0EL8L58.411 This valley has been called "The Dead Man" on regional maps for centuries. Some authors have attempted to link it to the Rennes enigma because one of the parchment ciphers contains the phrase: "HE IS THERE DEAD."

Dig at dig A0ELP01O.411 I would if I thought I'd find anythin', but I don't.

Look at dig A0ELP044.3D1 Mosely must be in better shape than he looks.

At Larry Chester's house

Look house A0QL8H44.C31 It's Larry Chester's house.

Look house A0QL8H44.FZ1 This must be the place the Abbé told me about.

Knock door again A0Q24K4H.BE1 I've bugged him enough. Besides, I can't think of anythin' else I need to know at the moment.

Larry's not in A0QK4K4H.DR1 He's not in there.

Look clock A0QL2I44.LB1 It's a clock. An alarm clock.

Check tiretracks A0QLDN2T.411 These tracks are from the two Freemasons' car all right. Which makes sense, since I followed 'em here.

Open rear door A0QLOA4H.3L1 I'd rather use the front door. I dunno it's just more formal somehow.

Look rear door A0QLOA44.3L1 This house is hardly big enough for *one* door.

A0QLQK22.571 I have to go back for my bike.

Climb down well A0QLQO3H.PF1 No. Really. There's nothin' down there but water.

Look at the well A0QLQO44.PF1 Kind of big for a garden ornament.

Look car on day 3 A0QQY144.QR1 Now that I think about it, that car's a little too showy for a prep school teacher.

Look wood A0QLQP44.3L1 Crucifyin' rabbits, maybe?

Look window A0QL6G44.1S1 It's Larry's office window.

Look hole in window A0QLQR0L.DR1 Hmmm. There is a hole in the window, but it's not a very big one.

Use wrong thing on window A0QLQR51.DR1 I can't stick *that* in there.

Put finger in there A0QLQR72.DR1 Yeah, I *could* stick my finger in there. If I wasn't picky about scar tissue.

Look hole in window A0QLQR44.3L1 That's what I call the 'lived in' look.

Climb wall A0QLQS3H.3L1 And where exactly would I be goin' *to*?

Look wall A0QLQS44.3L1 It's not high enough to keep anybody out. Must be for markin' the property line.

Hide at wrong time A0QLQU1K.411 Uh . . . I don't think that's necessary at the moment.

Look tree A0QLQV44.411 That tree must come in handy. It gets damn hot around here.

Use notebook on Larry's car after taking tire tread A0QLY14X.4K1 I don't need to write down Larry's license plate number or his tire tread. He's been sneakin' around at night, but I don't think it's been in his car.

Use notebook onLarry's car before taking tire tread A0QLY14X.QR1 I won't be forgettin' *that* color soon. I don't need to write down Larry's license plate number.

Look Larry's car A0QSY144.QR1 That must be Chester's car.

At Larry Chester

After conversation A0QN4K4H.7N1 I don't have anythin' else to say to Mr. Sinclair.

Leaving dialogue early A05K6J13.NW1 I have to step out for a moment. But we're not quite finished here. A05K6J13.NW2 Don't let me keep you.

Come back: A05K6L3W.6R1 What else did you have to say, Mr. Knight?

Look Larry A05K7G44.4U1 He's not lookin' too happy today. A05K7G44.881 He looks nervous enough to crawl out of his own skin.

Look desk A05Q3K44.411 Birthplace of Larry's secret manuscript.

Look books A05LMD44.411 Yup, he's a writer all right. Only writers have this many books.

Look maps A05LOQ44.411 The guy's into maps.

Look computer A05LQX44.411 I prefer an old manual myself.

Try to read book on table A05LQZ58.411 I can't make it out from here, and he'd probably get upset if I took it with me.

Take book A05LR06P.411 I think he'd mind.

Look Bazille´s Portrait of Manet A05LR244.411 That paintin's about as colorful as Larry himself.

Look alarm clock A0QL2I44.LB1 It's a clock. An alarm clock. A05NXD44.411 Looks like he's unplugged the thing. Or maybe I was a bit over aggressive with that hanger.

Look file cabinet A05OR044.411 Larry might have some interestin' tidbits in those files after all -- but he's not likely to let me look. A055R044.411 Boy, can you imagine the excitin' stuff in this guy's files?

At Coume Sourde

Tourist sign A12L8L0L.Q81 So they found this stone slab, that *coulda* been the key to the mystery, and then they lost it? Figures. A0EL8L44.411 It's a sign about the area. A12L8L58.Q81 A stone slab called the "Dalle de Coume Sourde" was discovered at this spot. This slab allegedly contained encoded messages related to the Rennes enigma, but it has since vanished. Coume Sourde still draws curious seekers hoping for more clues.

A12LPI44.PF1 There were buildings here -- once. There's not a lot of growth goin' on in this area, is there?

Look sign on parking lot A25L8L44.411 'Coume-Sourde?' Well, whatever it is, it's down that path.

At Blanchfort Parking Lot (and intersection with Larry's residence)

A0LLW144.3L1 That's Château de Blanchefort up there.

A0LL4F2C.3L1 I can't get a good view from here.

A28L5O44.QR1 Roque Nègre. "Black Rock?"

Walk on Mount Cardou A28LFJ22.QR1 I don't have my hikin' boots on.

A28LFJ44.QR1 Looks like that path goes up the mountain.

A28LQ544.QR1 There's a big black outcroppin' up there.

A28LR844.QR1 It's a large white rock.

A28LR944.QR1 Château de Blanchefort.

A28LRA44.QR1 They even label their mountains around here.

Look stream A28LRB44.QR1 There's a stream down there. I can't see it too well, but I can hear it. Drink from stream A28LRB3X.QR1 I'd get all muddy climbin' down. Bathe in stream A28LRB25.QR1 There's a shower back at the hotel.

A28LRC44.QR1 Nice mountain. If you're into that nature stuff.

At Armchair parking lot A0NLN644.Q81 More trees than you can shake a stick at.

Look sign A11L8L44.Q81 Something du Diable.

Compare tracks A11LDN2T.Q81 Same tracks. The car was driven off the road here. A11LDN4X.411 I can't get enough detail from the tracks in the dirt. A11LDN44.761 Mallory and MacDougall's car was driven off the road here.

At Armchair

Look chair A0NQIB44.QR1 It looks a lot less threatenin' now that it's *empty*.

Use chair A0NQIB19.QR1 Yeah, right!

Think chair A0NQIB0L.QR1 It does kinda look like a chair. Then again, I once saw Madonna in a plate of spaghetti.

Look blood A0NQAK44.QR1 The police left this for the tourists -- innin' that sweet?

Think blood after finding Wilkes A0NQAK0L.3Y1 These pools of blood are startin' to get to me.

Think blood before finding Wilkes A0NNAK0L.6I1 Well, it doesn't look any bigger than it did yesterday, and it's gettin' old. I don't think our friend Wilkes' has been lettin' any blood loose around here.

Look kneeprints A0NQ2K44.QR1 Those prints are from Mallory and MacDougall's knees -- they were held here as their throats were bein' cut.

Think kneeprints before finding Wilkes A0NQ2K0L.6I1 I don't see any fresh marks here -- good thing for Wilkes.

Think kneeprints after finding Wilkes A0NQ2K0L.3Y1 Just like the knee prints at Wilkes' blood pool.

Look scratches on chair A0NLSG44.QR1 There're scratches on the rock. They're old, though. Probably not related to the murder.

Copy symbols on Armchair A0NLSG4X.QR1 I don't need to write that down.

At Armchair Car Stash

Think car A1ILEP0L.PF1 Mallory and MacDougall could have parked the car here, but I don't know why they'd bother to hide it. A1ILEP0L.PF2 It's more likely that the killers stashed it here. Maybe they grabbed Mallory and MacDougall somewhere else and brought 'em here to be . . . executed.

Open car A1ILEP20.PF1 I don't see any signs of a struggle in there. Don't think I need to search it.

Look car A1ILEP44.PF1 That's the car Prince James' men arrived in.

Use fingerprint kit on car A1ILEP59.PF1 It'd take an army to search *that* thing for fingerprints. I *probably* have more productive uses for my time. A1ILEP59.PF2 In other words -- it's too much work.

A1IT410L.QR1 I'd like to know where all Mallory and MacDougall went last night. Maybe tire tracks like these would help -- if I could compare the tread.

Look tracks A1ILDN44.PF1 Those tracks were definitely made by this car.

Take tread from dirt A11LDN4X.411 I can't get enough detail from the tracks in the dirt.

Look tires A1IL4144.761 Those tires match the tracks out there on the shoulder all right.

Compare tires to track A1IL4144.QR1 Those're the tires that made those prints out by the road.

Re-take tread A1IL414X.6R1 I already took down the tread.

Look tree A1ILSL44.QR1 I don't see any dings on the tree. The car must have been driven in here nice and slow.

Look other tree A1ILN644.QR1 GABE,Yeah, more trees. What do these people have against lampposts and telephone poles?

At Couiza

Look at the board A0OLDI0L.PF1 Buchelli lied about comin' in from Naples.

A0OLDI44.PF1 It's a list of arrivals.

Look benches A0OLL544.PF1 At least you can stretch out while you're waitin'.

Look ashtrays A0OLOZ44.PF1 Ashtrays are to the French what carseats are to Americans.

Look ashtray sand A0OLP144.PF1 Yum. Nothin' like a little grit mixed with ash and used butts.

Look knocked over ashtray A0OLP244.PF1 Looks like someone was a bit too eager to 'flick'.

Go through door to trains A0OLP820.PF1 Uh . . . that way leads to the trains. I'm not takin' one that I know of.

Look Acces aux Quais sign A0OLP944.PF1 I'm guessin' it says the trains are that-a-way.

Look ticket booth A0OLPA44.PF1 That's where they sell tickets.

Look ticket booth sign A0OLPB44.PF1 Either that means 'tickets' in French, or they've got a side business goin' in munitions.

Pick up paper in ashtray A0OLPD32.PF1 "Why are you pokin' around in ashtray sand?" A0OLPD32.PF2 Oh, ha ha.

Look paper in ashtray A0OLPD44.PF1 There's a piece of paper in the sand.

Look watchtower A1JL9E44.Q81 They must watch the tracks from up there. A1JL9E44.Q82

Enter watchtower A1JLBG20.Q81 The view of the tracks is just as good from down here.

Look station sign A1JLP944.Q81 Good thing that sign's there, or I'd swear this was a garage.

Knock door of house A0XLPP4H.QR1 I doubt there's anybody in there that can help with the case.

Look buildings A1JLPY44.Q81 I'm not sure what all these buildings are, but I don't think they're connected to the station.

Copy details of taxi A1JLPS4X.Q81 I don't need to write down anythin' about the taxi.

Steal taxi A1JLPS42.Q81 The owner wouldn't like it. Besides, I prefer the bike.

Look taxi A1JLPS44.Q81 Wow. Classic chassis!

Look station A1JLPT44.Q81 The great and magnificent Couiza train station.

Look rails A1JLPU44.Q81 Proof that the 'great iron way' really does go *everywhere*.

Look platform A1JLPV44.Q81 I vaguely remember this platfrom from my arrival. I was pretty out of it.

Look telephone poles A1JLPW44.Q81 My, how progressive. Telephone poles.

Look barrels A1JLPX44.Q81 The French really enjoy their barrels, don't they? Cheap seating *and* storage facilities in one.

At Rennes-les-Bains

Look barstools A0TL0D44.411 They're for sittin'.

Look curtains A0TL9644.411 They're opaque from all the cigarette smoke.

Talk to bartender again A0TLBA39.6R1 We have a communications gap.

Talk to bartender A0TLBA39.291 GABE,Hey. How's business? A0TLBA39.292 BARTENDER,Désolé, je ne parle pas anglais. A0TLBA39.293 GABE,Okay!

Look bartender A0TLBA44.411 Call me crazy but . . . my *guess* is he's the bartender.

Take weapons A0J8ES32.PF1 I might have to use one of these eventually, but for now I'll stick with my tape recorder and notebook, thanks.

Look guns A0TLC444.411 Reminds me of the hunt club.

Look fireplace A0TLO844.411 How romantic. A guy could do well in a place like this.

Look tables A0TLOB44.Z81 Cozy. But if I'm gonna be *in* a bar, I prefer to sit as close to the poison as possible.

Look bar A0TLOI44.411 The local waterin' trough.

Look dartboard A0TLOM44.411 Either they have really big darts here in France or that thing's been played to death.

Take sword A0TLON32.411 I've already got my knife.

Look sword A0TLON44.411 It's a big ol' sword. Cool.

Look map A0TLOQ44.411 They've got a travel theme happenin' here.

Look Leo Belgicus A0TLOR44.411 A lion-shaped map. Weird.

At Rennes-les-Bains parking lot

Look window A0XL9644.QR1 I can't see in. The curtains are closed.

Look wooden beams A0XLK144.QR1 It's a makeshift parkin' lot.

Look bar A0XLOI44.QR1 Reminds me of the Goldener Löwe in Rittersberg.

Look Grail sign A0XLOJ44.QR1 Must be tryin' to cash in on the treasure huntin' crowd.

Look houses A0XLOK44.QR1 Deader than a Bob Dole rally.

Knock door A0XLPP4H.QR1 I doubt there's anybody in there that can help with the case.

Enter closed gates A0X1OL20.411 I can't. They're closed.

Lady Howard/Estelle site

Chat with Estelle A0VJ5M39.6R1 Estelle's too far gone to listen. See, what happens when you *love* someone?

Look trees A0VLN644.QR1 There's nothin' here but trees.

Think dirt A0VLQ10L.Q81 I'd pay good money to see Estelle throw that dirt at Lady Howard.

Take prints off bottle A0VLYC59.Z81 Estelle may not be the brightest bulb on the planet, but she's not *blind*.

Look bottle in parking lot A2BJBK44.411 It looks like an empty plastic water bottle to me. A2BJBK44.412 It's gotta be Estelle's. Lady Howard's lips have probably never touched plastic in her life. Take bottle A2BJBK32.411 I don't wanna *take* it.

Think at bike A2BKA10L.411 Why would they stop here? This place isn't even interestin' enough to have a tourist sign. Look bike A2BKA144.411 I think that's Lady Howard and Estelle's moped. Take bike fingerprints A2BKA159.411 I don't see anything. These textured handles aren't great for prints.

At Serres parking lot

Look fence A0WKFZ44.3L1 Those leaves -- or whatever they are -- look *sharp*.

Walk away A0WKQD22.411 And leave my Harley? No way!

Look wall A0WL2H44.Q81 They've got a regular fortress here. Must be to keep out maraudin' peasants . . . or winos.

A0WL8H44.QR1 Pretty nice digs. It's in a lot better shape than Schloss Ritter.

Think at matched tire tracks A0WLDN0L.7T1 Now why would Prince James' men be snoopin' around Château de Serres? A0WLDN0L.7T2 I doubt they came here for the wine.

Look matched tread A0WLDN2T.Q81 These tracks match Mallory and MacDougall's car.

Look sign A0WLS944.QR1 Classy sign. Snooty, even.

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