Nt1210 Unit 6 Assignment 1

Assignment Brief Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion 1

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Assignment Brief Title: Creative product promotion
Date set : 23TH April 2015
Handing Dates : 30 TH JUNE 2015

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1. Know the constituents of the promotional mix

2. Understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix

3. Understand the role of advertising agencies and the media

4. Be able to create a simple promotional campaign.

Assignment 1 – The Role of Promotion

Assignment ONE is based on the General Motors field trip on the 30th day of April 2015. Ensure you make specific reference to the information obtained during the field trip.…show more content…

Justify whether you think it has helped the organization to achieve its marketing objectives.
Evaluate the overall success of this marketing campaign and justify the use of the promotional methods
Assignment 2 – Advertising Agencies

Business organizations often use professionals from specialist agencies to help them produce an effective campaign that will achieve the promotional objectives. A good campaign must also use the right media. You should analyze the contribution of professional advertising agencies and the use of different media in the development of a successful promotional campaign.
Task 1 – Prepare a power point presentation in groups of three
[P3, M2] Due on the 9TH June, 2015

P3 explain the role of advertising agencies in the development of a successful promotional campaign
M2 explain the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies in ensuring promotional success
Advertising agencies can be costly, but can also offer great benefits to the success of a marketing campaign. Discuss their role and the services that they can provide in the development of a promotional campaign

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies to ensure success in a campaign

Task 2 - [P4] Due on the 16th June, 2015
P4 explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign Prepare a colorful leaflet, using

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Data Chapter Review Activities Use the features in this section to study and review the topics in this chapter. Answer These Questions 1. Which of the following is true about 1 bit? c. Represents one binary digit 2. Which of the following terms means approximately 106 bytes? d. Kilobyte 3. Which answer lists the correct number of bits associated with each term? d. 4 bits per byte 4. Which of the following answers are true about random-access memory (RAM) as it is normally used inside a personal computer? (Choose two answers.) a. Used for short-term memory e. Is installed onto the motherboard 5. This chapter describes the concepts behind how a CPU reads the contents from RAM. Which of the following is true about the process of read data, as described in the chapter? a. The CPU tells the RAM which address holds the data that the CPU wants to read. 6. A user has opened a word processor, typed the numbers 123456789, and stored the document as A file called report1. Which of the following determines, in part, what bits the computer stores in the file to represent the text typed into the report?

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